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  • Relief from pain
  • Reduces swelling & stiffness
  • Muscle Strengthening & maintenance
  • Increased range of movement
  • Improves circulation
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Increases recovery without putting extra strain on joints
  • Increases circulation of blood to muscles
  • It can be really good fun for both owner and dog
  • Reduces stress and depression
  • Encourages good emotional welfare



Leigh passed her Hydrotherapy qualification in 2015 and went onto being the sole hydrotherapist in a North East centre for four years. During this time she gained lots of hands on experience working with a variety is cases from excitable young puppies, neurological cases, spinal surgery rehabilitation all the way to arthritis management for the older clients.


Leigh’s passion is to help dog’s move from being classed as ‘okay’ to being ‘better than okay’. While your dog’s condition might be being managed through medication, would complimentary therapy like hydrotherapy help them regain some of their livliness and old behaviours back? Her favourite thing to hear from owners is how her clients start doing old behaviours again because they feel better (even if it’s returning to raiding the bin, at least their joints felt strong enough to bin raid again!)


Leigh loves being able to help her clients become fitter, healthier and most importantly – happier.



To begin with Leigh will discuss how your dog has been since their previous session



At 4 metres long and 2 meters wide there is plenty of room for all sized dogs, we even have jets to enable fitness work to progress. The pool is heated to 30 degrees.



Fun, fitness, weight loss, rehabilitation after an accident or surgery, puppy confidence swims. Please ask any questions about these services. We are fully insured with Petplan Sanctuary and all clients will need to fill out a referral form.



The initial session is £50, this is a longer session to allow time for Leigh carry out a gait analysis, take muscle mass measurements and check their weight before slowly introducing them to the pool. The longer session allows your dog time to adjust, get to know Leigh and take a relaxed approach to their first swim as many dogs can be unsure especially if recovering from recent surgery. Afterwards Leigh sends an initial report to your vet and will then update them with your dog’s progress throughout their hydrotherapy journey.


Follow up sessions will be £35 (£25 if your dog is staying in daycare) which is for a 45 minute session. This includes a quick catch up chat on how your dog is doing since their last swim including any changes in medications or health. Leigh will then carry out a general health check before rinsing your dog down and harnessing them up ready for their swim. Your dog’s active swim time with vary from session to session depending on how they are doing, their fitness and even their general mood that day, however we aim to have 30 minutes in the pool as the warm water can help relax muscles and soothe aching joints. Afterwards your dog will be rinsed down and dried (we will try to thoroughly dry your dog but you are requested to ensure they are full dry once at home.)


Discounts are available for block bookings


Buy a block of 10 swims and get the 11th free* (Dates of sessions can be changed/modified)


*Excludes Initial session

















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